Moncton Schedule 2018-2019

cédule Dieppe schedule 2018-19

Magic Skate’s objective is to improve your kid’s skating abilities while having fun. Even though it’s not a hockey or a ringette program per say, it prepares the kids well to make the transition to these sports. The program is designed for 4, 5 & 6 year old kids.

Each lesson is designed to challenge and allow each skater to progress at their own pace. We use many objects and materials to help us achieve our objective. (balls, hoops, bungee cords, etc)

Coaching Ratio: We have a minimum of 1 coach per 4 skaters.

  • Starts the 1st or 2nd weekend of October 2018 and ends the end of March 2019
  • Schedule: we receive the schedule from the representative mid-September. We will forward it to you as soon as it is confirmed.
  • 20 lessons of 60 minutes. One lesson per week.
  • Dieppe Program: Normally on Saturdays at 3:00pm or 4:15pm (to be confirmed). Dates and Times are subject to change as requested by rink management.
  • Moncton Program: Normally on Saturdays at 9:15am (to be confirmed). Dates and Times are subject to change as requested by rink management.


For the safety, comfort and protection of the skaters, we ask that they have the following mandatory equipment: certified helmet with full screen, certified neck guard, elbow pads, knee pads, skates, gloves or mitts (doesn’t have to be hockey gloves).

* Although not mandatory, many skaters prefer to wear the complete equipment (hockey or ringette).


Coaches have been instructed to teach the different techniques of skating through fun drills and games. Although, we pride ourselves of having the best ratio (1 coach for 4 skaters) for this type of program, it is impossible to dedicate a coach to one particular skater for the entire lesson (1 on 1) We try to regroup the skaters according to their skill level and at times we might see a need to change some skaters to a different group. Please feel free to see us after any lesson if you have any questions or concerns.

Changes or Cancellations

Due to unpredictable circumstances, please be aware, the dates and times scheduled are subject to change. We will advise you of any changes or cancellation as soon as we get the notice from the city officials.

Reimbursement Policy

If for a reason your child does not wish to continue in the program, we will reimburse only after the 2nd lesson of the program. Please notify one of the coordinators your intentions to be reimbursed between the end of the 2nd lesson and before the start of the 3rd lesson. We will not refund once we have started the 3rd lesson. An amount of $150 will be subtracted from the registration fee for the first 2 lessons, administration fee and cost of jersey:

$500(registration fee)

– $150 (2 lessons, administration fee and jersey)

$350 (reimbursement)

* This policy only applies to first time participants in the program. There will be no refund to past participants.

Cost: $500 each (including; 20 lessons of 60 minutes, taxes and a jersey).